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Travel Insurance for Australian and New Zealand Travellers

Travel Insurance for Australian and New Zealand Travellers

Travel Insurance for Australian and New Zealand Travellers

We always say to our community if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel.

Since we started our adventures in 2013 we have had to claim for:

  1.  theft of passports and credit cards at a bus station in Ecuador
  2.  health issues in Dubai
  3. cancelled flights due to adverse weather conditions
  4. new flights booked due to health reasons in Thailand

We would not even consider travelling without taking out travel insurance.

Have you made a claim?

We have heard so many horror stories throughout our many years of travel.  Just think about it, when you buy a new car you purchase car insurance.  When you move into a new house or apartment you purchase home content insurances.  Why?  Peace of mind when things don’t go the way that you expect them too.


When To Purchase Travel Insurance

The best time to purchase travel insurance is as soon as you have paid a deposit on an airfare, cruise, accommodation or tour.  You will be covered from this date in case of cancellation or for health reasons. If you leave purchasing the policy till the day you travel you may miss out if you do have to cancel.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  If your holiday costs you e.g, $10,000 and you did not take out insurance and you have to cancel before your travel date you have just lost $10,000 now that is a lot of money.

What Type of Insurance Should You Get

If you are a frequent traveller throughout the year you should consider getting a multi trip annual policy as that will save you money.

If you travel once a year a single travel policy is more suited for you.

If you are travelling longer than a year check whether you can extend your travel policy whilst overseas.  We find that many travel insurance companies will not allow you to extend.

Also, what type of excess do you require? If you are travelling to the US we would recommend thinking about the type of excess you need, health costs are astronomical. The lower the excess the higher the premium.  We are comfortable travelling with an excess of around $100 to $150.

If you are travelling with a lot of technology, or expensive cameras or drones, we would recommend that you check out the maximum the policy will cover these items in the general inclusions.  You can always increase each individual item so that you are adequately insured.

Also check whether your credit card company has a travel policy.  It is usually for up to six months of travel and the requirements are that you book you flights or cruise etc onto the card to be covered.

It is worth noting that the insurance policy is usually quoted on the oldest person shown on the policy.  If you have someone who is over 65 consider that person getting a seperate travel insurance policy, it may reduce the costs for your purchase.

Travel Policy Conditions

Always read your travel insurance policy carefully, if you have any medical issues you may need to advise your Travel Insurance company when you purchase the policy.  It is advisable to check first with the Insurer what is covered.

You may not be covered e.g. if you travel to Bali in Indonesia and you hire a motorbike and you don’t have a motorbike license and you have an accident. Travel Insurance companies won’t cover you if you have had alcohol and you have an accident.

Ensure that you take a copy of your policy with you.  Also, ensure you have their telephone number for claims.

How To Claim

As soon as we know we need to make a claim we call the Travel Insurance provider and speak to them about the current situation.  We check what documents they require and if we have to go to the hospital what is their recommended one (that is if you have time).  Keep them informed every step of the way.

In case of theft, you will need a police report. If you are taking expensive equipment with you ensure that you have photos and receipts electronically that can be easily accessed.

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