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Italy. Florence, Walking Tour Day , Gelato

The Best Gelato in Town

We love Gelato.  We love Italian Gelato.  Who doesn’t?

Even better when the guide on our 2nd walking tour from our Hostel Archi Rossi in Florence shows us where the best Gelato is in Florence.

Italy. Florence, Walking Tour Day , Gelato
Our guide confirming where Perche No is located on the map

Where is the best Gelato in Florence?

The best Italian Gelato Award from To Travel Too goes to Perche No.  Perche No means Why Not!

Located in Via de Tavolini in Florence Perche No has a great history.

Italy. Florence, Walking Tour Day , Gelato
Perche No!

The shop originally was run by a Swiss man who sold polenta and chestnut cake.  The original founder of Perche No, Mr Ugo Ravaioli, thought the shop would be an ideal location for his idea of producing and selling Italian gelato using locally produced products. Even through WW2 and the limited raw materials available Perche No survived, the local Florentines flocked to his shop even though the flavours weren’t exactly of the original recipe.

In 1966 the disastrous Flood of Florence closed the shop for a few months.

Two Florentine Musician Friends took over the shop in 1991.  The family group rediscovered original recipes and took it on themselves to reproduce the recipes using quality ingredients to ensure that the original flavours were not lost.

In 2001 the shop went through a restructuring and renovation process.

Italy. Florence, Walking Tour Day , Gelato
So many flavours to choose from – what is your favourite

There are so many choices to make but maybe this list may help:

Crema – the original recipe cooked in the old way and contains lemon rind and vanilla

Pistacchio – containing natural sicilian pistacchios as well as hazelnut and almond

Cassata Siciliana – made with ricotta cheese and candy fruits

Panna con Amarene – black cherries

Nocciolsa – soft chocolate and haselnuts

Fiordilatte con Miele e Sesamo – chestnuts, honey and sesame seeds

Sorbetti – made from water, peach, melon, water melon and other seasonal fruits

Granita – fresh fruits and no colouring agents

Semifreddi – speciality of the house with whipped cream


Italy. Florence, Walking Tour Day , Gelato
Yum yum!


Who wants to join us for Gelato in Florence?




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