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Spicy Tour in Istanbul

Spicy Tour in Istanbul

Looking to buy Spices in Istanbul?  Look no further than the famous Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Market as it is also known as.

Stores Inside the Spice Market of Istanbul

When you enter you can smell the fragrant spices from the East, curry and saffron mingled with the smells of the aromatic incenses, fragrant oils and herbs for medicinal purposes, teas and honeycomb.

Teas available in the Spice Market in Istanbul

Some tips to help you in the buying process:

  1. Pay in local currency – Turkish Lire instead of USD or Euros – the exchange rate will not be in your favour
  2. Watch which shops the locals are buying from
  3. Taste before you buy
  4. Most spices etc can be vacuumed packed
  5. Prices will vary from shop to shop
  6. Prices are fixed but occasionally you can haggle

Turkish Delight in the Spice Market Istanbul

A list of spice that you can purchase:

Sage,  Aniseed,  Rosemary,  Black Cumin,  Soapwort,  Bay leaf,  dill,  Mustard,  Nutmeg,  Linden,  Clove,  Thyme,  Cumin,  Henna,  Red pepper,   Paprika,  Coriander,  Rose hip,  Marjoram,  Mint,  Rocket leaf,  Saffron,  Orchis,  Sumach,  Cinnamon,  Cress,  Vanilla,  Allspice,  Ginger.

Fragrant soaps in Istanbul Spice Market

You can also purchase a range of fragrant soaps.

Dried Fruits Istanbul Spice Market

Some History on the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul

After the Grand Bazaar it is the largest market of its kind in Istanbul.  It took 60 years to build, it is L shaped  and it was first constructed in 1660.

It was the last stop from the camel caravan traders who

The revenues from the sellers are used to upkeep the New Mosque which is part of the whole complex down near Galata Bridge.

Spice Market Istanbul

There are a total of 85 shops selling spices, Turkish Delight, sweets and dried fruits.

Turkish Towels Istanbul Spice Market

Some shops are now selling items which are more suited for the Grand Bazaar such as jewellery, souvenirs etc which the locals are not happy about.

Boxes of Turkish Delight

Opening Hours:

From Monday to Saturday 8am to 7.30pm

Closed on Public Holidays

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