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Travel Insurance

Travelsavers: How To Save Money on Travel

Are you one of the many travelsavers who are always wanting to know how to save $$$ when you travel? Everyone loves a bargain flight, accommodation or a cruise and money saving tips There are several ways of booking your travel these days: through a travel agency through ‘cheap flights’ websites through websites such as Travelocity or Expedia or the many other travel...

Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance

Our Guest Writers Yvonne and Michael Bauche highlight the importance of a good travel insurance policy and what to look out for in the small print in their new book,  The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance. In our view if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel. Here they share with us their experiences, but first a little about...

Travel Tips

Travel Insurance – Yes or No ?

  Travel insurance can be a high cost of your overall travel budget.  But is it necessary? We have been travelling for over 40 years, as individuals and with our family and we have always taken out travel insurance. These are the reasons why we take out travel insurance: Medical cover – we all know that medical costs can be particularly high especially in...

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