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Hotel Gran Bilbao Spain

Hotel Gran Bilbao Spain Review

Hotel Gran Bilbao has been awarded the “Family Hotel of the Year” in the Global Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017.  An award that we believe is well deserved, as well, the hotel is rated #2 out of 43 hotels by TripAdvisor. Location of Hotel Gran Bilbao Just a Euro 25 taxi fare from the airport Hotel Gran Bilbao is a good quality 4-star hotel 500m from the...

Hostels - Santiago

Are you too old to stay in hostels?

Did you backpack around Europe in your late teens on $10 a day staying in hostels and campsites? Would you consider staying in hostels now or do you think you are too old? This was a thought that crossed our minds when we set off in 2013 for our 12-month RTW trip to South America, Europe and Asia. Our travel budget was calculated for stays in hostels wherever...

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