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Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula

Mexican Food in The Yucatan Peninsula

Who loves Mexican Food?  How about enjoying traditional Mayan food whilst on vacation in the Yucatan? We were keen to find out more about Mexican Cuisine whilst we were travelling around the region. There is more to Mexico than just the food and its silvery white sand beaches.  Some travellers travel to Mexico just for the food, some for the beaches but for us it is a mix of both plus the people and the culture.

We have travelled throughout Mexico and have written an ebook on where to go, stay, eat and what to do with tips and tricks.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula

(Editor update 2019)

Love to cook Mexican Food?


Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula


If you love to cook authentic Mexican Food here is a recommended book for you “The Best Mexican Recipes” from Amazon.







We searched Yucatan Cuisine Wikipedia to find out if there was a difference between types of Mexican food in each region of Mexico.

Wikipedia states: “The food of the Yucatán peninsula is distinct from the rest of the country. It is based primarily on Mayan food with influences from the Caribbean, Central Mexican, European (especially French) and Middle Eastern cultures.”  We were surprised about the French and Middle Eastern influences.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Fresh ingredients for Mexican Tacos

What excites us about Mexican cuisine?  The freshest of fresh produce avocados, tomatoes, onions, chillis, peppers, tortillas, enchiladas, assortments of meats, beans….we could go on and on. Oh, and shopping at the local green markets.

What is your favourite Mexican food? Tamales, Burrito or Quesadilla or Mexican Tacos?

A little bit of background before we dive straight into the food!

Where is the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is made up of three states – Quintana Roo, Campeche, and Yucatan.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Map showing Yucatan Peninsula

These 3 regions of Yucatan Mexico are bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and contain many of Mexico’s major tourist attractions.

Mexican Cuisine History

Prior to the Spaniards arriving and conquering the Yucatan in the 16th Century, the Mayan food consisted of vegetables such as maize, squash, pumpkin, red and black beans, chili peppers, tomatoes, yucca and sweet potatoes.  Fish and seafood were plenty because of its location close to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  Turkey and iguana were popular meat dishes. Cacao beans were used to make the Mayan chocolate drink and honey was used as a sweetener.  Cacao beans were also used for currency. The most important staple food in Mexico has and always been corn or maize.  It is the base for tortillas and cornstarch which is a thickening agent is made from Corn.

The Spaniards brought with them rice, herbs, and spices and introduced beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep and the dairy products such as cheese.

Mayan Religion and Mayan Food

Mayan food has played a major role throughout the centuries in Mayan Religion festivities such as the Day of the Dead, Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals, and births.

Mexican Cuisine has been given the honor of being included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

One of the most important dishes in Maya cuisine is Mole Poblano. Mole Poblano can contain up to 20 ingredients; chiles, spices, tomatillos, dried fruits, sugar, spices, thickeners with chocolate if used added at the end of the process.  The sauce is used for meat dishes such as turkey, chicken, pork, and lamb.

Typical Mexican Food of the Yucatan Peninsula:


Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Sopa de Lima
Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
  1.  Sopa de Lima – the Mayan chicken and lime soup topped with sizzling tortilla chips which is famous all over the Yucatan Peninsula
  2.  Cochinita Pibil – a Mexican slow-roasted pork dish
  3.  Poc Chuc – Marinated pork with spices, salt, onions and lime juice
  4.  Pollo Motuleno – a chicken dish made with orange juice, achiote (seeds from the Bixa tree made  into a red paste) and plantains
  5.  Tamales – filled cornmeal dumplings steamed in a banana leaf
  6.  Relleno Negro – turkey cooked with Chili paste, vegetables and a hard boiled egg
  7.  Escabeche Blanco – turkey or chicken simmered in a vinegar sauce
  8.  Queso Relleno – the main ingredient in Queso Relleno is Edam Cheese with seasoned ground beef
  9.  Tikinxic – achiote paste is used again in a grilled fish dish
  10.  Seafood

Yucatan Street Food:

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Quesadillas Yucatan Street Food
  1.  There are many types of Mexican tacos available as street food; chicken, pork, beef, beans, and      cheese
  2.  Quesadillas – a flour tortilla filled with cheese, grilled and which beef, chicken or vegetables can be  added
  3.  Pambazos – a type of bread stuffed with spicy potatoes and chorizo sausage
  4.  Tamales
  5.  Torta – roll stuffed with meat and beans
  6.  Empanadas – a pastry stuffed with meat, cheese and or vegetables
  7.  Burritos – a tortilla filled with beef or chicken and cheese and beans

Where to Find Traditional Mexico Food in the Yucatan Peninsula

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Traditional pork dishes at La Chaya Maya

La Chaya Maya

For authentic Maya cuisine look no further than La Chaya Maya.

Address:  Calle 55 entre 60 y 62 No. 510 Centro.

La Chaya Maya is a very popular family restaurant in Merida specializing in local Yucatan food, including the popular dish Sopa de Lima.  In the corner, you can watch tortillas being made by hand and baked in a large skillet.

There are vegetarian options available.

Open from 0800 – 2300 hours.

Mercado Santa Ana

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Panuchos for breakfast

Open for breakfast and lunch from 05.30am to 13.00 Mercado Santa Ana is well recognized as the place to go to for authentic traditional Mexican food. Specialties include tacos, panuchos, Sopa de Lima, turkey salbutes, and papadzules.  Prices are very cheap e.g. 6 tacos and 2 fresh juices MXN90 or USD5.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Healthy Pitahaya – Dragon Fruit juice

It was here in the Mercado that we tried Pitahaya – dragon fruit juice which has a significant source of antioxidants and high in Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin A.

When you are visiting Merida you can take a Food Walking Tour where you shop at the market and learn to cook mexican cuisine in the host’s own home.  Click here for more information.

Best Mexican Restaurant in Progresso

You can reach the beachside restaurant strip of Progresso in 30 minutes from Merida.  Progresso is mainly a Port City located on the Gulf of Mexico in the North West of Yucatan.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Crabby Burgers at Crabster in Progresso
Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
The ‘small grilled fish’ for one person at Crabster
Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Fish Tacos at Crabster
Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Local Mexican Cuisine at Crabsters

The latest dining experience in Progresso is Crabsters Seafood Restaurant.  We dined on Crabby Burgers and the largest grilled fish (the smallest fish was requested) for one person we have ever seen – it could have fed 4 people.  The decor is modern and fresh, you can request indoor or outdoor tables.  We would recommend an outdoor table with unobstructed views over the Gulf.  The menu is mainly seafood but they do have meat options.  The wine list is extensive.

Crabster Restaurant: Calle Malecon, Boulevard Turistico Malecon Progresso

Open daily from 08.00 to 20.00


Where to Eat near Uxmal

The Lodge at Uxmal located outside the gates of Uxmal Ruins is a good choice for lunch or dinner. If you are staying at the Lodge the breakfast buffet is extensive.

The open-air thatched roof restaurant and bar overlooks the Mayan ruins.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Local Mexican Cuisine

The a la carte menu highlights the best Mexican food in the region including the local Yucatan specialty Sopa de Lima.  The menu changes regularly depending on what seasonal fruits and vegetables are available.

Location: Km78 Old Highway Merida – Campeche

Our Restaurant Recommendation in Izamal “The Yellow City”

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Restaurant Zamna Cheese Empanadas

On our return from visiting Chichen Itza, we stopped for lunch at Restaurant Zamna.  With a good selection of Yucatan regional food, it took us a while to decide what to order.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula
Chaya Juice

Whilst we were taking our time we were introduced to a local juice ‘Agua de Chaya’.  Chaya is made from a local ‘tree spinach’ called Chaya and it is a good source of vitamins, calcium, iron, protein and a rich source of antioxidants.

After a substantial lunch you will be ready to climb Kinich Kakmo pyramid in Izamal.

Location: Calle 22 302 por 31 y 33 Izamal

Opening hours: 12.00 to 20.00

Best restaurants in Cancun

If you are looking for the top restaurants in Cancun there is no better place to search than Tripadvisor. There are over 828 restaurants to choose from with prices to suit all budgets. Click our link below to find our more.

Mexican Food in the Yucatan Peninsula




We stayed at the Nizuc Resort & Spa in the Zona Hotelera area of Cancun.  If you want an unforgettable dining experience in a ‘zen’ location you are spoilt for choice with 6 international world-class restaurants to choose from.

Best restaurants in the Riviera Maya

Typical Mexican Food can be found throughout the many resorts of the Riviera Maya.  Tripadvisor has a list of the best resorts in the Riviera Maya with the latest special deals and restaurants in the Riviera Maya available with hundreds of reviews for you to make an informed choice.

Best Resorts in Playa del Carmen

Although Playa del Carmen has a lot of inclusive resorts available we would recommend trying a few of the many restaurants available in and around Playa del Carmen.

A few years ago we had a memorable meal at the Alux Restaurant which is situated in an underground cave just outside Playa del Carmen. After dinner, we would recommend taking a walk around the cave, there is even an underground waterfall.

Location: Av. Juárez Mza. 217 Lote. 2 Col. Ejidal entre diagonal 65 y 70, Playa del Carmen, México

Best Mexican Restaurants along the Tulum Beach Road

We can recommend two good restaurants to enjoy different types of Mexican Food in the hotel and restaurant strip on Tulum Beach Road.  We stayed at the Punta Piedra Beach Hotel and frequented both of these restaurants several times during our stay.

Casa Banana at Tulum Boca Paila Km 8.5

Mateo’s Mexican Grill at Tulum Beach Road Paila Km 5.2.  If you get there early you can have a ‘sundowner’ on the top deck whilst watching the sunset.

Did you know that you can take our article with you when you are out and about? Click our link below to find out how.


That is our roundup of Mexican traditional food, what is your favorite in the Yucatan Peninsula?

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You may like to cook your own Mexican food, here are some suggested Mayan recipes through Amazon.


We would like to thank Visit Mexico and Yucatan Turismo for assisting us with our 4-day itinerary of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Our transport provided throughout the 4 days was complimentary.

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