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Italy, Venice Train to Florence

How we saved 141 euros on train travel in Italy


It seems that train travel is the way to travel throughout Italy.  We found a distinct lack of information on buses, even when we walked into a bus ticket agency in Florence to enquire about a bus from Florence to Naples, the consultant advised us to go by train.

Train Travel in Italy

Our first rail experience in Italy started when we travelled by train from Cannes to Milan, changing trains at Ventimiglia, just inside the Italian border.  We planned to spend three nights in Milan at the Hotel Panizza  and whilst there plan our 3 weeks travelling through Italy. From Milan, we would travel to Venice, Florence, Naples and then to Rome to catch an Easyjet flight to Mykonos.  Tickets for the train journey were to be purchased at Stazione Centrale in Milan.

As we could see there were two options – an Italian Train Pass or purchase individual train tickets.  We found out from our hotel receptionist  that if we caught regional trains the ticket prices would be lower but the journey longer and maybe if we booked far enough in advance we may be able to get even cheaper tickets.

Here is our breakdown based on 2013 prices:

Italian Rail Pass for 4 days travel in 2 months 264 euros per person total 528 euros

Milan to Venice

Regular ticket  52 euros per person       total 104 euros

Regional ticket 19.50 euros per person          total 39 euros

A saving of 65 euros


Venice to Florence

Regular ticket 62 euros per person                                  total 124 euros

Our ticket price in advance 45 euros per person           total 90 euros

A saving of 34 euros

Train travel in Italy
Internal view of our train from Venice to Florence


Florence to Naples

Regular ticket price 68 euros per person based on 2nd class          total 136 euros

Our ticket price 68 euros per person                                                     totals 136 euros

No savings


Naples to Rome

Regular ticket 2nd class 40 euros per person                                   total 80 euros

Our  non refundable ticket 19 euros per person                               total 38 euros

A saving of 42 euros

Italy, Venice Train to Florence
Rome, here we come!


Total Cost of the Italian Rail Pass        528 euros

Total cost of regular ticket prices         444 euros

We paid                                                       303 euros

Savings on Italian Rail Pass                    225 euros

Savings on Regular Ticket Price             141 euros


Our 5 euro fine:

When you travel by regional train your ticket is valid for 2 months.  We were unaware that you had to have the ticket validated at the platform as you board the train.  The friendly conductor came around during the trip, noticed that we had not validated our tickets and kindly gave us a fine for 5 euros.

To Travel Too Tip on Train Travel:

If you are flexible in your date and time of travel you can take advantage of the regional trains.  If time allows we would recommend you purchase your tickets in advance.  We found all trains, clean and on time.

If you are stopping off along the way and not travelling to the final destination of the train route we recommend that you have easy access to your suitcases.  Our experience found that others dumped their luggage on top of yours and it was a hassle to remove your suitcase from the bottom of the pile in the short time you had to disembark.

Be aware that the queues are long at the Rail Booking Centre of Stazione Centrale – we waited for 45 minutes.

If you have saved money on train travel we would love to hear from you.


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