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Shamanism on Lake Atitlan

Shamanism on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Shamanism is a way of life amongst the villages on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.  During our boat ride around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we stopped at the village of Santiago Atitlan. A picturesque village settled in an inlet with amazing views of San Pedro Volcano across the Lake. When we docked we were treated to an amazing array of handicrafts produced by the Tz’utujil...

Guatemala Tikal, Sunrise Tour

Waking Up With Monkeys In Tikal

Our alarm was set  at 3.30am and by 4.00am we were waiting outside the Jaguar Inn in Tikal.  In the cool of the morning and in pitch darkness  our guide Alberto  arrived. He is a local park guide and does not need a torch light to find his way through the jungle, his home.  Alberto was insistent that we meet at 4am, he wanted us to be the first at Temple IV to view...

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