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Top Places to travel too

Travel Bloggers Top Travel Places in the World To Visit

When you start researching your best places in the world to visit, where do you start?  Are you looking for the most beautiful places in the world to visit? Or are you looking for fun places to go or the best vacation spots in the country, city or on an island? We reached out to 50 international Travel Bloggers to ask for their recommendations on where the best...

Le Boat France – A 3 Night Cruise down the Canal Lateral a La Loire

One of our favourite holidays, of all times,  is sailing on the canals of France and none better than sailing with Le Boat France in their new fleet of Horizon 2S boats.  Years ago when our two boys were young their favourite holidays were sailing in France.  Three years in a row we traversed the waterways of the Loire, the Burgundy and Brittany regions.  A perfect...

Your Visit to The Midi-Pyrenees

How to Get The Most Out of Your Visit To The Midi-Pyrenees

  If you want to discover the best of the Midi-Pyrenees in France read on for our recommendations on safety, driving, weather, things to do and where to stay to make the most of your visit. With so many regions in France vying for the tourist $$$ how do you ensure that you have chosen the right French destination. France ranks the #1 country to visit each year...

Top Things To Do in Toulouse in 4 Hours

Top Things To Do In Toulouse in 4 Hours

How did we expect to see all the top things to do in Toulouse in 4 hours? Toulouse is one destination that you have to give some quality time to visit.  Toulouse is the capital of the region Haute Garonne in South West France. Since our visit to Toulouse, we have been doing quite a bit of research about what to see and do there and what we missed out on. Our guide...

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