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Czech Republic

Spa Resorts of the Czech Republic

Spa Resorts of the Czech Republic – Bohemia’s Spa Triangle

Following in the footsteps of European royalty and world famous people I travelled to their beloved Spa Resorts of the Czech Republic. I wanted to check out for myself why this region is so popular for ‘taking the waters’.  Spa resorts conjure up images of relaxation, rejuvenation and health treatments. The region known as Bohemia’s Spa Triangle is full of legend...

Svata Katerina Resort

Svata Katerina Resort Czech Republic – Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Slowly drifting into dreamland, there is a soft tiny voice above me saying please turn over. Where am I? For a minute, I am not sure. I now remember as I drift in and out of sleepiness, I am enjoying my first Abhyanga Massage at Svata Katerina Resort  Czech Republic. Our stay at the Svata Katerina Resort in the Czech Republic came just at the right time.  Travel is...

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