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Central America

Why You Should Visit Panama

Why You Should Visit Panama

Panama is a country of 2,000 islands, volcanoes and rainforests located between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  It is where you can wake up to a Pacific Ocean sunrise and experience an Atlantic Ocean sunset with a cocktail in hand of course! We were pleasantly impressed with Panama. Boquete Our first experience was Boquete, just a 60km drive from the Costa...

San Jose Costa Rica Walking Tour

San Jose Costa Rica what an interesting place to visit.  We always enjoy a walking tour when we arrive in a new city, you learn so much more from locals than reading from a book. As we were in between Housesitting assignments we decided to spend some time in San Jose, Costa Rica before moving to Panama. We stayed at Casa 69 just a 15-minute walk from our meeting...

Trekking a Volcano on Ometepe Island

It was a tough trek up Volcano Maderas on Ometepe Island.  Much tougher than we had expected. Volcano Maderas, part of the ring of fire volcanos around the Pacific, is located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. There are two volcanos on the island, but Maderas is the dormant one and sits lower at 1394m. Unlike her taller sister  Volcano Concepcion to the north, which...

Shamanism on Lake Atitlan

Shamanism on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Shamanism is a way of life amongst the villages on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.  During our boat ride around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we stopped at the village of Santiago Atitlan. A picturesque village settled in an inlet with amazing views of San Pedro Volcano across the Lake. When we docked we were treated to an amazing array of handicrafts produced by the Tz’utujil...

Guatemala Tikal, Sunrise Tour

Waking Up With Monkeys In Tikal

Our alarm was set  at 3.30am and by 4.00am we were waiting outside the Jaguar Inn in Tikal.  In the cool of the morning and in pitch darkness  our guide Alberto  arrived. He is a local park guide and does not need a torch light to find his way through the jungle, his home.  Alberto was insistent that we meet at 4am, he wanted us to be the first at Temple IV to view...

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