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Spicy Tour in Istanbul

Spicy Tour in Istanbul

Looking to buy Spices in Istanbul?  Look no further than the famous Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Market as it is also known as. When you enter you can smell the fragrant spices from the East, curry and saffron mingled with the smells of the aromatic incenses, fragrant oils and herbs for medicinal purposes, teas and honeycomb. Some tips to help you in the buying process:...

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Grand Bazaar Istanbul – To Shop Or Not

The Seller in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul yelled out across the near-empty market “You must be a movie star” – I am said Duncan, “but don’t tell everyone, I am incognito”.  That was the first time we had heard that line in a market. Istanbul has so much to see and do and the Grand Bazaar is only one of the top tourist attractions...

Bouleterion at Ephesus

Secrets Revealed of Ephesus

Why You Should Visit Ephesus Ephesus is located 3 km  southwest of Selcuk in Turkey. The area dates back to the Neolithic Ages – 6,000 B.C.   During the 3rd millennium BC the city was known as Apasas, the name taken from a successful Amazon Queen.  In fact, some say that the city was founded by female warrior Amazons from Anatolia. Legends abound about the...

5 Reasons To Visit The Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

We can give you our top 5 reasons to visit the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul but after you visit you will probably have many more reasons. The Topkapi Palace is one of the top attractions in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. It is worth getting there early in the day, as the queues start well before the opening time of 9 am.  Any later and you will find that once the buses arrive...

Turkey,Cappadocia,Royal Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Royalty

One of the highlights of our one month in Turkey in 2013 was our sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride booked through Royal Balloons. Hot Air Balloon Ride Attempt #1 Our pick up by Royal Balloons was scheduled for 4.50am from Kismet Cave House where we were staying. Jane woke up at 4.00am in a panic saying that she could not do this.  She is a seasoned flyer having flown in...

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