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Baby Boomers

Our Osprey luggage

Baby Boomers Hit The Road

      Baby boomers are hitting the road and travelling further and longer.   We are one of the fastest growing travel markets around the world. We are more cashed up than our parents were, we want to travel further and longer and we want to do it now! The latest technology is the baby boomers best friend, we know how to tackle the internet to research...

Hostels - Santiago

Are you too old to stay in hostels?

Did you backpack around Europe in your late teens on $10 a day staying in hostels and campsites? Would you consider staying in hostels now or do you think you are too old? This was a thought that crossed our minds when we set off in 2013 for our 12-month RTW trip to South America, Europe and Asia. Our travel budget was calculated for stays in hostels wherever...

Retirement living

Downsizing To Transition To Retirement

  Are you making plans for your transition to retirement? If not, why not? Is it all too daunting, too much information out there to digest or not enough information? Are you still working because you are fearful that you may not have enough? What if we said you do have enough, what if we said to you take that big step and leave the corporate world early. I...

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