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Travel Fears

37 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers & 100 Senior Travelers Share Their Travel Fears in 2017

Travel fears?  Google explains what a fear is….”an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”

We have been on the road now for 3 years and one question we are always asked is “Are you scared when you travel, you are on and off planes, buses and trains and travel to some countries that well….aren’t just that safe anymore?”  With 2017 looming and new travel plans in place, we reached out to the top 37 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers and asked them just one question:

“What is the one fear that would prevent you from travelling in 2017?”

A Boomers Life After 50

“I don’t know if there is anything that would stop me from traveling. I was a bit fearful this summer after the issues in France and other places in Europe. However, I went to Italy and then on a river cruise through Europe. I don’t want to stop traveling because of risks that could be the same as happen in the USA, right in NYC where I go all the time. The only thing that might prevent me from traveling is the weather. I don’t travel in the snow during the winter. I’m fearful of snowy weather, especially driving or flying in bad weather. I hope I’ll stay healthy enough during my life after 50 so I can keep on traveling and discovering the world”

Adventurers of Empty Nesters

“I would say that nothing would prevent us from traveling. We may choose to go to areas that are less controversial, but we all cannot live our lives in fear. We need to continue to find adventure and live out our dreams.”


“If a loved one were seriously ill at home, I’d stay put. Otherwise, I’m outta here!”

Boomer Travel Patrol

“The one fear for me would be a major attack on the internet. That would keep all the flights grounded and all reservations systems from air to hotel, etc. in major disarray and cause great fear and panic as well as another terror attack.”

Clark Norton

“My one fear would be some kind of incapacitating health issue that would lay me up for a while, such as a pulled hamstring, a fall accompanied by a broken bone, or anything requiring major surgery and recuperation.
I don’t worry about outside events such as terrorism or train wrecks.”

Contented Traveller

“Nothing would prevent us travelling”

50 Shades of Age

“I am pretty fearless when it comes to travel, but the one thing that might make me a bit nervous is the threat of terrorism. However, I have decided that this is not going to prevent me from travelling.”

Glamour Granny Travels

“Nothing really would prevent me from traveling. However, we have to be realistic and I would fear to be caught up in violence. Therefore I select my destinations carefully and hope for the best, enjoying my trips.”

The Gypsy Nester

“We really try to steer clear of fear. Veronica even has a fear-conquering series of stories on GypsyNester.com, but off the top of our heads I guess a family emergency or illness would probably keep us from galavanting around the globe next year.”

Heather on Her Travels

“Fear of visiting a place close to a war zone or somewhere where political unrest might cause things to blow up might prevent me from visiting certain countries or locations. However I don’t believe in scaremongering – sometimes the media blows things out of proportion so I would take local advice before deciding to travel.”

Hole in the Donut

“Unless a meteorite strikes the earth and smashes us all to smithereens, there is nothing that will prevent me from travelling in 2017. In fact, fear is never a factor when I travel. Money? Yes. Altitude? Yes. Length of flights? Check. I could go on, but suffice it to say that I have long said that travel is not a dangerous activity. I’ve been doing it all my life and only had one incident – and that was in the U.S.”

Home Free Adventures

“The only fear that would keep me from travelling in 2017 has not yet been invented!”

Journey Woman

I believe that Ma Nature and Global Warming might be a factor that keeps us all from travelling in 2017. There will continue to be weather extremes all over the world. Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, flooding, temperature extremes dominated the news in 2016 and expert predicts that more of the same can be expected. I hope that the experts are wrong. Be nice, Mama Nature!

Legging It

“Severe illness”

Life Part 2

“There is nothing that could stop me from travelling. Asking me to stop travelling would be like asking me to stop breathing.”

McCool Travel

“Likelihood of bodily harm, incarceration, or worse gives me serious concern.”

More Time To Travel

“As an ageing boomer, probably the biggest fear would be personal rather than situational. Should there be any decline in my own health, it might put brakes on my travel. Or at least, I would have to make adjustments to travel in a different way.”

My Itchy Travel Feet

“I really don’t have any fears that would keep me from travelling. Poor health is the only thing that would keep me from travelling in 2017. However, I’m healthy so it’s not an issue. And it’s really not a fear.”

Our Empty Nest

“What’s the one fear that would prevent Tom and me from traveling in 2017? Terrorism, of course. It’s prevented us from going overseas and would prevent us from leaving the house if it should happen stateside on a regular basis. Extreme weather, too, always figures into our plans. We check beforehand and won’t go somewhere if there’s a threat of hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, or floods during the time we expect to be there. On our last road trip to the American Southwest, we had a mega storm–with multiple tornadoes and other fun stuff–chasing us from Arizona to Colorado through Oklahoma to Kansas. We were always a day ahead and safe, but antsy to get home. It was nerve-wracking.”


“Well – my honest first thought is “nothing”. I don’t believe that you should let fear win and affect the decisions in your life. And I hate to give people the idea that its ok to back down to your fears and forego things that you want to do – its the exact opposite of my travel philosophy. I’ve traveled to conquer many of my fears and it has served me well for the last 10 years of being on the road”

Passing Thru

“My only fear which would keep me from traveling, aside from active war (obviously), would be if a health issue would arise that would compromise my activity level or general mobility. I think we have to think of these things as we age, but also not dwell on the possibility lest it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Passionate Retirees

“There is nothing to prevent us from travel. The biggest mistake we see happening as people age is that they stop doing those things that inspire them because they either think (or they are told) they “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t”.
Now saying that, there is something that I avoid. It’s probably not politically correct to be discussing it. Let me just say that there are certain European cities that I will no longer do. We have been accosted, almost mugged, had our leased car broken into, and generally, the demographic changes are causing real problems.
When we travel we like to do our own thing, rather than bus tours, cruises, etc., so we put ourselves out there as you no doubt do. Life is too short though to play it “too safe”.

Plan Your Escape

“We have been to 100 countries now and were chosen are one of the Top Boomer Travel Bloggers. We believe our world is a wonderful beautiful place and people all over the world are generous, kind, and loving. One fear we have is not having time in our lives to experience everything.

Travel is an adventure and a chance to enjoy yourself and learn more about yourself and other cultures. To get the full experience you should embrace new ways of doing things, enjoy new foods, and appreciate people and beliefs different from what you already know. As we have said before, try to understand and not judge others. In doing so, you will learn more about yourself and adopt new attitudes that will enrich the rest of your life. We attempt to have local experiences everywhere we travel by staying in family run hotels and B&B’s.”

Really Truly Living

“A contagious disease outbreak of large proportions would keep us from travelling in 2017.”

Retire Early Lifestyle

“Since our lifestyle is one of continuous travel, and has been since 1991, in most cases if something fearful were to arise, we would simply adjust or move to a different country. Would that fear be something such as a local political uprising, a Zika breakout, or a major natural disaster, in most cases we would see precursors before the actual event would unfold. It’s always good to have a Plan B.
Outside of the US, we live on cash using ATMs, and our credit cards only for airline tickets and online shopping. Our biggest “fear” would be if the ATM and credit card network were to be shut down for an indefinite period of time. As you know, the ATMs were shut down after 9/11 for five days. We keep enough cash on hand to cover a week or so. But if we were not able to have access to our accounts for an extended period of time to fund our lifestyle, this would pose a problem.”

Six Legs Will Travel

“Simon and I talked about your question, and we agreed the only thing that might make us afraid to travel would be if one of us developed an illness or sustained an injury that could become problematic while travelling. There are no guarantees when you leave home healthy and pain-free, so we have made sure we have good insurance and a plan to get home quickly if necessary. But if we left home with something we knew could flair up while we were out of the country, it would make us think twice. Oh, we would most likely go anyway, but we would have concerns, and make even more contingency plans.”

Sixty and Me

“Fear of travelling alone”

Soul Travelers 3

“There is not one fear that I can think of that would prevent me from travelling in 2017 as travelling is just part of my beingness so nothing stops it ever. I am a big believer in “If there is a will, there is a way” so I always find a way!”

The Travelling Lindfields


To Travel Too

“Travel Fears: We have no fears that will keep us from travelling the world, we are concerned that we maintain our health and fitness to continue our travel adventures worldwide”.

Travel With A Challenge

“Bottom line:  nothing GENERALLY would prevent me from traveling in 2017 except my own health or the imminent birth of a new grandchild, but specifically I would not travel to war zones (presently the Middle East) or high crime countries/regions (several countries in Central America) which are easy to identify from reliable government Travel Advisory Websites.  The best of these are the TAW’s of Canada, Britain, U.S. and Australia.”

Traveling With MJ

“I don’t! Absent a major catastrophe (ala 9/11) there just isn’t any fear that is keeping me from travelling. And I have no time to worry over catastrophe that “could” happen.”

Travel Past 50

“Sorry, no fear prevents us from travelling.  If you are looking for terrorist attacks or infrastructure fails, we just don’t see these as factors inhibiting our travels. We would like to boycott visiting U.S. states that have gun conceal and carry laws, but that’s a losing battle for the time being. Sure, there are a handful of countries we can’t or won’t travel to for geopolitical reasons. About the only reason we would curtail travel in 2017 is to spend more time with family.”

Travel With Kevin and Ruth

“Well, my first thought as you asked for it was “I have no fears of traveling in 2017.”

But, of course, there are things that would prevent us from travelling. Not that we would be afraid of travelling, but we would be afraid of something that might happen at home that would keep us there, such as the death or illness of one of our remaining parents.
We honestly can’t think of anything that might be happening with regards to world events that would keep us from travelling.”

Wander Boomer

“I don’t worry about outside events such as terrorism or train wrecks.”

Women On The Road

“Unrest. You never know whether a country you’ve long wanted to visit will still be ‘open’: the Middle East, the Sahel, parts of South Asia, Northeast Africa… that said, so many new countries have opened up in the past two decades – Central Asia and Eastern Europe for example. But terrorism is a real threat and strikes indiscriminately so some places are more risky than others.”

World Wide Adventurers

“You know the old saying do it while you’re young…well we’re doing while my parents are still young and healthy. My one fear that would prevent me from travelling is that one of my parents got sick and needed me to take care of them. That would stop me travelling.”


Starts at 60 – 100 Readers Response to our Question on Travel Fears

Travel Fears




Have you any travel fears that would prevent you from travelling in 2017?

We would love to hear from you and please feel free to share this with your friends and families as well.

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